About Me

Hi, I’m Deborah.

Deborah Herring, to be specific.

Right now, my four kids and husband are downstairs playing video games while I squeeze in a little writing before my homeschool week starts tomorrow.

The street sounds that go with living in Trenton, NJ mix with the Mario theme song from downstairs to form my background music, but my room has the cozy quiet of solitude. (I’m an introvert–an INFJ and an Enneagram 4w3, for my fellow personality test enthusiasts.)

I’m surprised one of my cats isn’t scratching at the door. They usually sense when I go off to write. Their names are Binx Whiskers and Twinkle Toes.

My husband Jake and I have been married for 18 years, which is crazy to think about. We are still friends and I count that as a win. He works as a carpenter and has a big bushy beard.

Our oldest daughter is 14, our second daughter is 13, and our sons are 12 and 8. They are my inspiration. This blog is for them.

This is also my tenth year of homeschooling, which is hard to wrap my head around.

More important than all these important things is who I am in Christ.

I am a soul for whom Jesus died. I am deeply understood and loved by a God much bigger than me, and I am someone learning to walk in that reality every day.