About the Blog

Hello and Welcome! I bet you are wondering what this blog is all about.

What it is:

My prayer is for this to be a place of encouragement.

  • For myself. Focusing on this blog has been a life-changing experience. This is basically me wrestling with my own heart on the internet.
  • For my kids. A couple of them have inherited some of my anxious tendencies. More than anything else, that has pushed me to break through my insecurities and actually get this going. It is my love letter to them for their darkest moments.
  • For you. This blog is for anyone who is exhausted and overwhelmed, whether it’s due to big reasons or no real reasons at all, for imperfect perfectionists battling their inner critics, and for anyone having trouble getting their heart to unclench. I’m honored to journey together.

What it isn’t:

  • This is not counseling or therapy. Folks, I am by no means a professional. I am sharing my experience from my perspective only. If it resonates and is helpful, praise God. If not, don’t sweat it.
  • There are no easy answers. Life is complicated and these are truly difficult struggles. The ideas I have to offer are simple, but seldom easy.
  • I have a special place in my heart for homeschool mamas, but this is not a blog exclusively for homeschoolers. Finding rest in God is a worthwhile pursuit regardless of our profession. Homeschooling just happens to be what I’m doing with my life.