Go Ahead and Hide

Hello readers, how has your week been? Life has felt a bit crazy over here, to be honest. One of my children had a root canal, another had a rough week with their anxiety, I discovered I need an eye procedure done, and the world at large is filled with mayhem. A pretty potent cocktail. … Continue reading Go Ahead and Hide

Steady On, Paper Crumplers

Hello everyone! Happy New Year! After an enjoyable time with family, I am glad to be back here on the blog, especially as we have a shiny new decade upon us. I've been giving some thought to the idea of new beginnings and about how much I love them so. I've always loved starting things … Continue reading Steady On, Paper Crumplers

Repeat the Sounding Joy

Christmas carols are one of my favorite things about the season. None of this Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer nonsense. I'm talking real carols. This year, there has been one in particular singing in my soul: Joy to the World The author, Isaac Watts, published this work in a book of poetry in … Continue reading Repeat the Sounding Joy

Surrender, the Heartbeat of Joy

Well my friends, it is solidly December. There's no mistaking it. Christmas is coming. 'Tis the season for joy, or so the carols say. But what do we do with ourselves when joy isn't exactly our natural default emotion? Is joy an attainable quality for people who fall on the broodier side of the spectrum? … Continue reading Surrender, the Heartbeat of Joy