12. Are We There Yet?

“And so, she figured it all out and lived happily ever after.” Fade to black. Roll credits. Credits…? Could somebody please roll the credits? The Nature of Milestones Life starts out with clearly defined stages. Babies roll, then crawl, then walk, then run, and then become large children that jump on your couch until it … Continue reading 12. Are We There Yet?

10. Why Living Alone on a Mountain-Top Isn’t God’s Plan for My Life

I wanted to be a nun. It would be so simple. A life committed to holy pursuits, preferably on the top of a mountain, was just what I needed. What better way to focus on the things that truly mattered in this life? Let’s not get bogged down with the fact that I wasn’t even … Continue reading 10. Why Living Alone on a Mountain-Top Isn’t God’s Plan for My Life

9. Facing My Tomorrows

What is it about tomorrow that gets me into such a knot? Even when I slow down and give thanks for the blessings I have in my life today, as we did last week in From Anxious to Thankful, often there is a quiet question lurking under the surface. The question is like the single … Continue reading 9. Facing My Tomorrows

8. From Anxious to Thankful

One of the biggest hesitations I had with starting an anti-anxiety blog was the reality that I still wrestle with anxiety from time to time. My blog may be called A Life at Rest, but this week has been rough. I’ve had moments where my mind is fixed steadily on true things, and others where … Continue reading 8. From Anxious to Thankful

7. We Need to Talk – Part 2 (Building Community)

Welcome! Last week we talked about honesty and openness: the importance of looking ourselves in the eye and presenting everything we see to the Lord, and the benefit of letting helpful people speak truth into our lives. (Check out that post here.) Today, let’s talk about one of the main purposes of honesty and openness: … Continue reading 7. We Need to Talk – Part 2 (Building Community)

6. We Need to Talk – Part 1 (Honesty and Openness)

Hey everyone. I can’t believe I’ve been blogging for six weeks already. Thank you so much for the comments and messages. They have been so encouraging. Today I thought I’d have a little different tone, considering the topic. So grab a mug of hot liquid and a comfy chair. We need to talk. Remember all … Continue reading 6. We Need to Talk – Part 1 (Honesty and Openness)

5. Gas Tanks, Checklists, and Burnout

I hate falling behind. And when I say hate, I mean hate with the blinding heat of a thousand suns. I adore feeling productive. I love the calculated assurance that I’m getting stuff done. The measurable indication that I’m not only on the right track, but I’m moving along said track at an acceptable clip. … Continue reading 5. Gas Tanks, Checklists, and Burnout

4. Confessions of a Thought Addict

Hi. I’m Deborah. And I’m a thought addict. I’ve been one all my life. When I was little, out of nowhere I’d imagine horrible things happening, maybe to my parents or sisters. Immediately I’d stop everything, give these thoughts my full attention, and end up crying grievously into my stuffed animals. I probably was supposed … Continue reading 4. Confessions of a Thought Addict

3. A Posture of Dependence

Competency is one of of my shiniest idols. I don’t just want to be a good mom. I want to be the good-at-everything mom. I want to be the most competent homeschooler I’ve ever heard of. I want to be a woman who can pull it all off, shrug like it was nothing, and be … Continue reading 3. A Posture of Dependence