From Anxious to Thankful

One of the biggest hesitations I had with starting an anti-anxiety blog was the reality that I still wrestle with anxiety from time to time. My blog may be called A Life at Rest, but this week has been rough. I’ve had moments where my mind is fixed steadily on true things, and others where … Continue reading From Anxious to Thankful

Gas Tanks, Checklists, and Burnout

I hate falling behind. And when I say hate, I mean hate with the blinding heat of a thousand suns. I adore feeling productive. I love the calculated assurance that I’m getting stuff done. The measurable indication that I’m not only on the right track, but I’m moving along said track at an acceptable clip. … Continue reading Gas Tanks, Checklists, and Burnout

On Chaos and Complexity

Sudden overwhelm is the worst. It's unexpected and highly inconvenient, especially when you have eight hundred things to do. Today we are going to slow down and talk about what's actually happening when life suddenly feels like too much. A Story on the Beach In February, I attended a homeschool moms’ retreat in Point Pleasant, … Continue reading On Chaos and Complexity

Hope for the Tangled Soul

Hope for the Tangled Soul

When I started to poke at the idea of blogging, I assumed I would write about homeschooling. I sat down with my laptop and stared at the blank screen for a long time. All that would come out was a reluctant disclaimer on my struggle with anxiety and depression. Months passed and I kept writing … Continue reading Hope for the Tangled Soul