7 Things I Learned This Spring

The season of spring officially comes to a close this week. Our school year is ending. Our wardrobes are changing. Time marches on. But today, I wanted to take a pause. As life keeps going faster and faster, I find myself drawn to the idea of seasonal reflection as a way to process my own … Continue reading 7 Things I Learned This Spring

From Anxious to Thankful

One of the biggest hesitations I had with starting an anti-anxiety blog was the reality that I still wrestle with anxiety from time to time. My blog may be called A Life at Rest, but this week has been rough. I’ve had moments where my mind is fixed steadily on true things, and others where … Continue reading From Anxious to Thankful

Hope for the Tangled Soul

Hope for the Tangled Soul

When I started to poke at the idea of blogging, I assumed I would write about homeschooling. I sat down with my laptop and stared at the blank screen for a long time. All that would come out was a reluctant disclaimer on my struggle with anxiety and depression. Months passed and I kept writing … Continue reading Hope for the Tangled Soul